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Learn to Knit

"Learn to Knit" Class & Beginner’s Clinic

In this basic "Learn to Knit" class you will learn about materials, stitch gauges, abbreviations & basic pattern reading, how to cast on, knit & purl stitches and how to bind off.  After this class, you will be able to knit the "Garter" and "Stockinette" stitches, and you will leave with a pattern to make a scarf.

Class cost is $20 plus $10 materials fee (needles and one skein of yarn).

"Learn to Knit!" -- Call to set appointment at your convenience or email us, and we'll call you!  (760) 789-7305.


Learn to Crochet

"Learn to Crochet" Class & Beginner’s Clinic

In this basic "Learn to Crochet" class, you will learn about materials, pattern abbreviations and reading,  how to chain, slip stitch, single, half double and double crochet and turning.  This class will enable you to create a scarf or afghan. Crochet is often used to trim knitted garments, and is the basis for Tunisian Crochet as well.

Class cost is $20 (per session) plus $10 materials fee (needles and one skein of yarn).

"Learn to Crochet!" -- Call to set appointment at your convenience or email us below, and we'll call you!  (760) 789-7305. 


Building in Color

"Building in Color" Progressive Knitting Class

Master color knitting one panel at a time!  This is Michelle "knitpurlhunter" Hunter's sequel to "Building Blocks" and will take you into the realm of becoming an expert knitter!  You will learn techniques such as intarsia and short row knitting, plus you will master stitch multiples, drop stitches, slip stitches and chart sense.  You will again make a beautiful afghan out of three colors, used to make 10 separate panels in Hikoo Simplicity yarn.

This class is held Thursday mornings, from 10 am - 12 pm, starting 2/21/2019 and will be held every OTHER week, because of the complexity.  20-week commitment $120 plus materials.  Size US6 (4.0mm) 24" needle for regular work, US6 47" or 60" to finish border.


DOUBLE DIAMOND Spring Cardigan

"Double Diamond" Spring Cardigan Class

This short-sleeved cardigan is light weight and pretty -- a perfect sweater for the cool nights of spring and summer!  There are small amounts of lace "diamonds" making this an elegant addition to anyone's wardrobe!  You can choose "Roslyn," a 65/35 Wool/Silk blend or "Sarasota," a 60/40 Cotton/Acrylic blend, both DK weights, and yardage required is 1,000 - 1300 yds. depending on size chosen.  Size US3 and US6 (24") are recommended sizes, but a gauge swatch is important -- you may need to adjust!

Because this is an "almost" vintage pattern, it will be included in the class cost, which is $60 for four session (every other Wednesday, starting 4/24, and running through 6/5, with enough time in between to finish a section).  6-8 pm. 


Great American Aran Afghan

"Great American Aran Afghan" Project

And, as if you weren't already learning copious skills with "Building Blocks" and "Building in Color" classes, we will be taxing your brain a bit more with the "Great American Aran Afghan" project class to make the most exquisite Aran-knitted  afghan (think Fisherman's knit sweater)!  This is one you will want for yourself as each design is intricate and beautifully designed.

This is a once-a-month knit along, , first-of-the-month Thursday, 5 pm - 8 pm.  The pattern is free each week when you purchase the yarn from us.  Help and coaching available, and you will have one month to complete each block.  There are 24 blocks total to do, 20 for the afghan and 4 for pillows. Yarn suggested is Cascade 220, Cherub Aran or Berroco Vintage. 


Wine & Wool (2 Evenings)

Join us Friday nights, May 3rd AND June 14th for some fun at Hatfield Creek Vineyards & Winery!  Hors de oeuvres will be served so reservations required please!

5/3/2019 from 6-8 pm will be "Happy Hour" so bring whatever you are working on.  $15 per attendee, $10 for significant other.

6/14/2019 from 6-8 pm  we will be making AMERICAN FLAGS (patterns in both knit & crochet).  Please bring your own US 6-8 knitting needles or G-I crochet hooks.

$20 per attendee, $10 for significant other.